The Existence of Opposites Does Not Require Wars

There have always been opposites. The conflict between good and evil has existed since the beginning of the world. However, this conflict has to be defined accurately. The existence of opposites does not require war. The opposites can stand up for themselves through communication, and intellectual debate, presentation of evidence, all within the bounds of love and respect; no one can be forced to accept any idea and no one should be killed simply because he doesn't want to accept it. No war has ever brought about definitive improvement to any society so far. The bloody wars and conflicts of the 20th century, the endless fights of today, just help the armaments industry which makes money over weapons production and destroys people, civilisations, technology, cities and entire economies.
There can be no progress or improvement with people who live in fear. There can be no going forward when people keep getting hungrier, more malnourished, less educated, less productive. The cities won't be better when their infrastructure and technology is destroyed with bombs and jetfighters. No society can move forward with the younger generation dying out. The atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not bring anything other than wholesale destruction that lingered through generations. The bloody dialectics introduced by Marxism never brought that imaginary progress to societies and it will not do so in the future. If we allow that, the world will be engulfed with even worse disasters, and everywhere will be drowning in blood.
Darwinism is the philosophical background of many conflicts in the world. The theory of evolution claims that all species evolved from a single cell (whose origin Darwinists can never explain) as a result of a rather nebulous string of coincidences. According to them, fighting is one of the elements of this imaginary evolutionary process. The basis of this brutal ideology, which claims that the living things can evolve only through fighting, is about the survival of the fittest. Introducing the deception of Darwinism as a scientific theory and including it in curriculums all around the world has brought upon a mass public deception and those twisted Darwinist ideas found a fertile breeding ground, which ultimately led to loss of millions of lives through various wars.

The Sole Solution against Bloody Ideologies is Ending the One-Sided Education Favouring Darwinism

Opposing ideas can give rise to something better only through love and compassion, respect, freedom of thought and scientific evidence. Not through force or violence. It is high time for everyone to understand the reason behind the disasters handicapping the world. Marxism provides the rationale for war; Marxist societies set the stage for that in a covert manner. The most effective way to stop that is through showing that this bloody dialectics is a false scientific rationale to justify the wars. It should be said all around that the so-called dialectics of nature is pure nonsense, and as much as there are predators in nature, there are living things that act in a very selfless and altruistic manner too. A fast way to achieve this would be swiftly amending the education system that teaches young minds this bloody dialectic idea all around the world. This world is not a battlefield, neither for us, nor for other beings. The world will be beautiful only with love, as revealed by God in all the Divine religions. God wants love from us. God wants us to be one, brothers and sisters. God loves to love and to be loved. This world will change only if we follow God's orders and "love."

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