Is it sufficient to say that "Islam is the religion of peace"?

While saying that Islam is a religion of love, the existence of some references that order the killing of those who do not fulfil their prayers, or those who do not fast or even trim their beards is both a serious contradiction and a grave danger. Those who make lengthy speeches about the importance Islam attaches to women constitute an exceedingly important problem when they do not admit to the invalidity of some so-called hadiths suggesting things such as, "Women are imperfect", "Do the opposite of whatever a woman does" or "A great part of hell is full of women." It will not be sufficient to say that "Muslims are loving people" or "Islam is the religion of peace" without putting an end to the hateful and violent rhetoric that have been added to Islam over the centuries and that directly contradicts the Qur'an.
Surely, according to the Qur'an, Muslims are supposed to be loving, compassionate and friendly, and no one has any right whatsoever to impose anything on other people; however the problem is most Muslims today follow not the Qur'an, but their tribal, local or regional traditions and superstitions. Therefore, unless all those superstitions are completely eliminated, unless Muslims completely turn to the Qur'an, it is simply impossible to prevent those violent people that act in the name of Islam or to stop Islamophobia.
The only way to remove the impact of those extremists who portray as "Islam" the bigoted mindset that forbids science, technology and the arts to Muslims, and thus condemns them to oppression and ignorance, is through education.
Modern Western education is definitely obligatory; however, the number of people educated in the West but then going to the East - and Africa - to participate in acts of terror is far from insignificant. Therefore the question that demands an answer is this:
How is it possible to convince those who are well-educated in all fields to become involved in terrorism?
When observed carefully, we understand that the crux of the problem is those teachings which legitimize violence and are widely seen in both West and the Islamic world. Everyone knows about the negative aspect of the Darwinian worldview, which is the basis of Western-style education, and we will be talking about this in detail in the coming chapters. However, what must be explained before is the fact that praises of violence that exist in some Shia and Sunni references are mostly ignored, and that during their primary Islamic education, many young people are first taught about these sources. A generation totally unaware of the content and context of the Qur'an and whose minds are moulded by radical views are readily directed to violence. For this reason the cause of terrorism is not a Divine religion, but it is a blend of Darwinist education and a bigoted state of mind. Spreading the true Islam based on the Qur'an, cleansed of bigotry, is the definitive solution to terrorism.
A society in which Islamic moral values are truly honored is a society characterised  by peace, forgiveness, love, compassion and mutual support and joy.

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