Darwinism and Its Derivative Communism is Based on a So-called Need to Fight and Conflict

Dialectics which first originated in ancient Greece and meant "debate" was described by Heraclitus (576-480) with the following words: "...all things come into being by a conflict of opposites." To Heraclitus, conflict is the father of everything. Therefore, there has to be a conflict between the thesis and the anti-thesis. If the defenders of a thesis are going to be defeated by the other side, it has to be through war and blood and the other side must be destroyed at all costs. Then the synthesis will turn into a new thesis and the same fight and war should continue at full speed.
Hegel and Marx, who followed centuries after him, called it "conflict," if not directly war and it certainly didn't take long before the bloody communist leaders perceived it as war and massacre. They believed in the necessity of war and considered it the basic condition for Marxism. Even though the green communists today reject this concept of war, communism requires brutal ambushes, guerrilla war, and massacres without any reservations. The current massacres in Syria, the bloodshed by the communist PKK in the South-eastern Anatolia is proof enough of that.

Communism: One of the most fundamental foundations of the terrorist organizations

Countries that are suffering from terrorism, including Turkey, most frequently have various and sundry communist terrorist or insurgent groups as their primary opponents. Communism is very much alive today, and even if it's not officially recognized; it's controlling parts of North America, Northern Europe and almost the whole of the Middle East. Then there are the countries which are officially under communist rule such as many South America countries, China and of course, North Korea. This communist, Marxist rule brings terrorism to the whole world. Those who shut their eyes to this very obvious Marxist threat are still looking for solutions to terrorism with never-ending TV debates. However, at the same time, they continue to teach their students dialectics in their schools. Their own children's minds are filled with lies that two opposing ideas need to fight each other and the history is full of such conflicts, and that only such conflicts can bring improvement and benefit to societies. Terrorists themselves are also indoctrinated with the same lies. Ironically, both communist countries and capitalist countries provide this education; the Marxist state of mind therefore continues to progress in every country with secretive but very firm steps.
There is another point that has to be kept in mind: Capitalism is not a blow dealt to Marxism. On the contrary, according to Marx, capitalism is an important requirement for societies to move forward to communism. Communism is simply lying in ambush, waiting to ensnare people and societies which became selfish under capitalism, which have abandoned their moral, religious and human values, thinking about themselves alone. The latest economic crisis played into the hands of communism. According to Marxists and communists, everything is now ready. Anyone wishing to understand this phenomenon better can take a closer look at the many problems in the world.

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