The corrupted rationale of those who shed blood in the name of Islam

In the Islamic world, some Muslims who believe in the same God, who accept the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as His messenger and the Qur'an as the true Book accuse one another of divorcing themselves from the faith and of infidelity and kill one another. The mass killings of Shias and the destruction of Shia mosques that have recently cropped up have drawn attention to a radical deviance in the Islamic world. The attacks of some Shia groups against Sunnis in some regions such as Iraq have also contributed to this picture: However, this sanguinary mindset is not limited to these radical organizations only nor it is a new ailment.
What is responsible for those Muslims being killed in Egypt only because they are Shias, or those murdered and dragged through the streets of Iraq only because they are Sunnis are the rulings, or fatwas, issued by some so-called scholars who claim to speak on behalf of Islam. These so-called scholars speak in their mosques or appear on TV channels and drag mostly ignorant people into such brutality with their fatwas. In the Middle East, this flawed concept of religion based on superstitions is seen in the fierce struggle between Shia and Sunni groups within the same country. Meanwhile they are also seen in sectarian wars between countries that are waged by means of proxy groups and organizations. Of course the violence perpetrated by these groups is wrong. But that mistake cannot be corrected without a return to the Qur'an, the essence of the faith.
1. Kuwait (the Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq Mosque bombing)
2. Attack on a mosque in Yemen
3. Camp Speicher massacre, where some 1,700 Shia Iraqi Air Force cadets were killed

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